HOPE’S Steel & Bronze Windows & Doors


Hope’s meticulous manufacturing process and unrivaled artistry result in windows and doors of impeccable quality. And for good reason. We painstakingly handcraft each window and door in the United States, and back each with a stellar reputation for the finest quality.

Engineering Process:

Hope’s project engineering group interactively works with customers and architects in developing window and door design concepts to provide the highest quality product and assure continuous customer satisfaction. We utilize the latest and most technologically advanced releases of AutoCAD in preparing the document drawings. Hope’s also enlists the support and input of all internal groups to furnish their expertise in planning the project.

Manufacturing Process:

Each window and door Hope’s creates is proudly handcrafted to meet an owner’s, architect’s, and builder’s most exacting and demanding requirements. Since each window and door is custom-made, Hope’s windows can be designed to enhance any architectural theme.

Hope’s steel windows are created from solid, hot-rolled steel sections. The superior strength of steel, combined with welded fabrication, produces frames and ventilators that will not rack. All frame and vent corners and muntin intersections are fully welded and ground smooth resulting in enhanced weather resistance and joints that are stronger than the steel itself.

Engineering Process