HOPE’S Steel & Bronze Windows & Doors


Through decades of research, development and testing, Hope’s Windows, Inc. has worked to perfect the handcrafted artistry of hot-rolled steel windows and doors. As our world changes, many new and unique building codes, policies and guidelines are established to help preserve our planet and natural resources.
This is our story.

Conserve natural resources:

Today, steel is the most recycled material in the United States. Each year, the steel industry saves enough energy through recycling to power 18 million homes—one-fifth of the nation’s households. We are proud of the fact that our steel windows and doors are made with hot-rolled sections that are 100% recycled steel.

Improve air/water performance:

Fusion-welded corners and face-welded muntin intersections, providing seamless construction, set the standard for our impervious products. Hope’s triple weatherstripping applied to integral grooves significantly reduces air infiltration and water penetration.

Environmentally-friendly coatings:

An integral part of our 15-stage pretreatment process is an electro-deposited (e-coat) epoxy primer paint application. Hope’s steel windows and doors e-coat process is lead-free, contains zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and has ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Following the e-coat application, all steel surfaces receive a two-component polyurethane finish paint. This high performance finishing process results in a product with unlimited color options and extremely low maintenance requirements.


Strength and durability of hot-rolled steel consistently outperform wood, aluminum and vinyl products. The life cycle and unique characteristics of Hope’s custom products provide unparalleled value.

Hope’s custom-made steel windows and doors offer impeccable quality, unrivaled artistry and superior strength that complement any architectural theme. Unlike windows made from aluminum or wood, the depth and visual mass of a steel window are extremely narrow. Large glass lites and narrow sightlines result in better energy efficiency and unmatched aesthetics.

100% Recycled Steel