HOPE’S Specialty Windows & Doors


Hope’s is the leading manufacturer of fixed and operable steel and stainless steel detention windows. Our product versatility in secure and non-secure windows and doors allows specifiers to benefit from “the turnkey solution” for all windows and doors. Stream-lined communication leads to savings in time, enhanced coordination and cost effectiveness while maintaining single-source accountability.

Awning Detention Windows

Hope’s steel awning detention windows are equipped for inmate or attendant only operation.

Side Hung Detention Windows

Hot-rolled steel side-hung ventilators equipped for inmate or attendant only operation.

Mechanically or Electrically Operated Detention Windows

Hope’s offers mechanically or electrically operated awning windows that are ideal for those areas that require remote operation such as recreation areas, maintenance facilities etc.

Fixed Detention Windows

Hope’s non-operable detention windows offer cost effective solutions for all levels of security.

Steel Guard Detention Windows

Hope’s hot-rolled steel detention windows for minimum or medium levels of security.

Air Vented Detention Windows

Hope’s custom manufactured air vented detention windows allow air to pass through the frame without exposed ventilators.

Guard Tower Detention Windows

Hope’s horizontal sliding detention windows were specifically designed for guard tower applications.

Administrative Non-Secure Windows & Doors

Hope’s Administrative Non-Secure detention windows and doors incorporate our architectural steel non-secure products into the correctional/detention secure products.


  • Fabricated from 10 or 12 gauge sheet steels or 12 or 14 gauge 302/304 grade stainless steel
  • Excellent strength characteristics
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Highly durable, scratch & corrosive resistant low maintenance


  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Provide maximum security


  • Frames are subjected to an impact blow from a 200 ft./lb. battering ram at the welded joineries
  • Certified reports ensure manufacturers full compliance with ASTM guidelines