HOPE’S Steel & Bronze Windows & Doors


For lasting value, steel windows and doors are your first choice. Superior quality translates to superior value and lasting satisfaction. It’s no different with windows and doors. When designing residential, institutional, and commercial buildings, architects have several choices. And, when it comes to creating doors and windows of distinction, the obvious choice is steel. Steel is an investment in value.

Steel doors and windows are universally praised for their incomparable strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. Further, the inherent material strength, manufacturing processes, and finishing techniques result in doors and windows that last and sustain their beauty.


Hope’s Windows, Inc. is the world’s preeminent manufacturer of custom steel windows, steel doors, detention windows, fire-rated windows, and other architectural products.

Experienced Craftsmen:

We pride ourselves on the handcrafted aspect of our product. Each skilled craftsman takes pride and ownership in the quality of one's work.

Narrow Sightlines:

Unlike windows or doors made from aluminum, wood or vinyl, Hope’s steel window depth and visual mass are not increased to accommodate large glass lites.

Fusion Welded Corner:

All corners of steel sections are fusion welded, literally bringing the pieces together, fusing the corner into a single piece of steel. The slag is cleaned off and the surface is ground and sanded smooth. The fusion welded corner is a unique feature of Hope's Windows offering unmatched strength. The fusion welded corner withstands twisting of a full 360 degrees without failure.

Design Versatility:

Every window and door Hope’s creates is proudly handcrafted to meet an owner’s, architect’s, and builder's most exacting and demanding requirements.

Triple Weatherstripping:

Triple weatherstripping is applied to integral dovetail grooves in all ventilators and doors. This results in no water penetration and air infiltration, well below industry standards.

Longevity (Life Cycle):

It is not uncommon for Hope’s steel windows and doors to outlast the buildings in which they are installed. Replacement offers owners the latest advantages of high performance, Low-E glass, double integral groove weather stripping, and advanced factory finishes.

Finishing Process:

We have partnered with PPG Industries, the world leaders in coating technology. This alliance enables us to provide an E-coat finishing system that offers corrosion resistance, durability and unlimited color for our custom steel windows and doors.